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Update 16/10/2014 WYSIWYG Web Builder V10.0.0



WYSIWYG Web Builder V10.0.0

What’s new in WYSIWYG Web Builder 10?

Responsive Web Design
With the increase in popularity of browsing on mobile phones and tablets it is becoming essential to create web sites that are optimized to the needs of these users.
Previously you had to create different versions of the website and use scripts to redirect the visitor to the mobile version of the page.
WYSIWYG Web Builder 10 introduces ‘Responsive Web Design’ which allows you to create a single HTML page containing different variants of the layout, each optimized for specific device widths.
Your website will dynamically respond to the screen size of the visitor and display the layout most appropriate to their device.
These different variants are called ‘breakpoints’ and this concept is based on CSS3’s media queries.
A breakpoint is separate ‘view’ of the page in WYSIWYG Web Builder. A page can have multiple breakpoints, each one optimized for a specific screen width.
For example, you can have the standard desktop layout, one for tablets (1024 px) and another one for mobile phones (320 px).

Mobile Web Design
Create dedicated Mobile websites with the fully intregrated mobile web design tools
WYSIWYG Web Builder has a built-in designer for mobile web pages. This makes it easy to create a mobile version of your pages without the need to external software.
Mobile pages have a different toolset and creating a mobile website is slightly different that a regular website.
Mobile pages are based on jQuery Mobile (http://jquerymobile.com/), which is a framework for creating mobile web applications. jQuery Mobile works on all popular smartphones and tablets.
To make a web page ‘responsive’ it needs to be constructed in a different way. Unlike in standard WYSIWYG Web Builder layouts where you can drag & drop objects anywhere and where object have a fixed size and position, mobile objects need to adjust to the width of the screen. In most cases this means that the object will use the full width of the page. But it’s also possible to set ‘full width’ to false in which case the objects will be ‘inline’, so they have a fixed width. By default all objects are placed next to each other (they are floating in the document), but there is also a layout grid available to arrange objects in rows and columns.

Another difference is the styling of objects. Unlike in a standard page, all jQuery mobile objects are styled by themes and swatches.
A swatch is one of several color schemes provided by your theme. A theme can support up to 26 swatches, each identified with a single-letter (A, B, C, D etc).
The built-in jQuery Mobile Theme Manager allows you to create any number of swatches for a custom theme.

The new built-in jQuery mobile theme designer can be used to create jQuery Mobile Theme.

Many new objects have been added jQuery Mobile specific objects. These objects are only available for mobile web pages.
Flip Switch
Layout Grid
Nested Menu
Panel (slide from the side of the page)
Popup Menu
Responsive Table

The following standard objects have been optimized for jQuery Mobile. Their appearance is also effected by the jQuery Mobile theme.
Checkbox (supports multiple items)
Go Menu
Navigation Bar
News Feed Ticker
Radio Button (supports multiple items)
Site Search
Text Area
Text Menu

CSS3 Animations
– New Feature: Added the ability to use multiple animations per object. Animations can run at the same time or ‘scheduled’ one after another.
– New Feature: Added ‘Animation timeline’. This can be used to display all animations on the page, so you can easily add, edit and remcvoe animations.
– New Feature: Added 40 new predefined animations to the Animation Manager.
– Added: ‘All’ property to transitions. Can be useful to the the transition timing for all properties. For example if you implement media queries to animatin between views.

Header / Footer
– Added: Page Header object. An easy way to add a full width header to your website. Supports ‘fixed’ and ‘fullscreen with animations’ mode.
– Added: Page Footer object. An easy way to add a full width footer to your website. Supports ‘fixed’ and ‘fullscreen with animations’ mode.

- Fixed: Background texture not saved for Editbox, Textarea, Combobox and Button
– Improved: Text & Replace is now much faster. Also pages that actually contain the text will be opened during the search.
– Added ‘Display hidden objects only’ and ‘Display visisble objects only’ to Object Manager.
– Added ‘Floating text’. Make it possible to float text around objects!
– Added: Responsive layouts. Add breakpoints to pages to have different layouts for different screensizes!

– New feature: Added gradient support to SlideMenu.
– New feature: Added the posibility to use images in the Slidemenu (images must have the same size).

- New feature: Added ‘Add Divider’ option to jQuery Menu (only works for vertical mode).
– New feature: Added ‘Context Menu’ option to jQuery Menu, makes it possible to create a popup menu on right click!
– New feature: Added support for jQuery UI icons in menu item of the jQuery Menu.

- New Feature: Added ‘Use hover state style to indicate the current page’ to Text Menu.
– New Feature: Added ‘Use hover state style to indicate the current page’ to Slide Menu.
– New Feature: Added ‘Use active state style to indicate the current page’ to Mega Menu.

- New feature: Added ‘stretch’ mode to CSS Menu. This will make the width of the the buttons variable based on the (full) width of the menu.
– New feature: Added ‘Responsive’ layout mode to CSS Menu. If you select this option then the menu will automatically switch from horizontal to vertical mode if the screen width is smaller than 320 pixels. This can be useful when the CSS menu is used in Responsive Web Design.

- New feature: Added ‘Panel Menu’. A Panel Menu is initially invisible, but can slide from the right or left side of the page by clicking the menu button.

– New feature: Added ‘Smart Guides’. Smart guides are guidelines that appear when you move objects into alignment with each other.
– Improved: Arrange commands now all have their own icons on the Ribbon for quicker access to frequentely used options.
– New Feature: ‘Animations’ and ‘Events’ buttons to Ribbon ‘Home’ tab for quick access.
– New Feature: Added ‘Zoom’ functinality to the statusbar. The statusbar nwo also has a direct link to the support forum.
– New feature: Added ‘Format painter’ option. Use the Format Painter to quickly copy formatting (color, font, border) from one object to another.
– New feature: Added new type of grid ‘columns’. You can set the width (in percentages), number of columns and gutter (spacing).
– New feature: Added ‘Swap colors’ button in background properties to quickly swap gradient colors.
– New feature: Added 10 new gradient styles: Radial Top, Radial Right, Radial Bottom, Radial Left, Radial Top Left, Radial Top Right, Radial Bottom Left, Radial Bottom Right, Pipe Vertical,Pipe Horizontal
– New feature: Added 14 new predefined gradient colors.
– New feature: Added ‘Margin’ option to Arrange menu. The margin clears an area around an element (outside the border). Unlike padding, the margin does not have a background color, and is completely transparent. This can useful for mobile pages, objects in wrapping text and floating layout to add some spacing around objects.
– New feature: Added ‘Backstage view’. You cna switch back to the traditonal menu in Tools->Options->User Interface->File menu->Menu
– New feature: Added ‘Recent places’ available in backstage view, with quick access to templates, options, help and much more!
– New feature: In the backstage view you can ‘pin’ projects and places so they appear on the top of the recently used project list.
– New feature: Touch/Mouse input modes. When you enable touch mode, there are a little more space around the ribbon icons and user will be able to easily access ribbon buttons on the touch screen.
– New feature: New ‘flat’ icons in the toolbar and ribbon. This gives the applciation a fresh and modern look.
– New feature: Added Office 2013 color schemes, with customizable accent color.

– New feature: Added support for background-size (CSS3) in Page Properties. This makes it possible to size/stretch background images of the page. Supports contain, cover, pixels and percentages!
– New feature: Theme (mobile pages only). Specifies the jQuery Mobile theme for the current page and all objects on that page. Themes can be edited with the Mobile Theme Manager.
– New feature: Swatch (mobile pages only). Each theme can have up to 26 variations (swatches).
– New feature: Use AJAX (mobile pages only). jQuery Mobile will automatically handle link clicks and form submissions through Ajax, when possible. If false, URL hash listening will be disabled as well, and URLs will load as ordinary HTTP requests.
– New feature: Transition (mobile pages only). Specifies the page transition. Page transitions only work if AJAX is enabled.

– New Feature: Added the ability to include form results in success page.
– New Feature: Added support for Rich text and HTML message formats to built-in Form Processor.
– New Feature: All PHP scripts now use MySQLi database functions. You can still use (deprecated) MySQL functions by selecting ‘PHP4′ in the page properties.

- New feature: Use AJAX (mobile pages only). jQuery Mobile will automatically handle form submissions through Ajax, when possible. If false the form will be submmitted with ordinary HTTP requests.
– New feature: Transition (mobile pages only). Specifies the page transition. Page transitions only work if AJAX is enabled.

- New feature: Added ‘Length’ option to Captcha to set the number of characters in the CAPTCHA image.

Photo Gallery
– New Feature: Added ‘Use Links’ gallery mode to Photo Gallery. Allow syou to assign links to images, instead of opening the image.
– New Feature: Added ‘Display title on hover’ option to Photo Gallery. Display the title on top or at the bototm of the image on mouse over.

– New feature: Added ‘Curtain’ animation to Slideshow
– New feature: Added ‘Fountain’ animation to Slideshow
– New feature: Added ‘Random Bars’ animation to Slideshow
– New feature: Added ‘Wave’ animation to Slideshow
– New feature: Added ‘Explode’ animation to Slideshow
– New feature: Added ‘Bounce’ animation to Slideshow
– New feature: Added ‘Count’ option to Horizontal Bars/Vertical Bars/Curtain/Foutain/Random Bars/Wave animations. Specifies the number of bars that will be used for the effect.

Backup Manager
– New Feature: Added ‘Backup Manager’. With the Backup Manager you can restore and delete automatically created backups.

– New Feature: Added ‘Notes’ object. An easy way to ‘drop’ notes/comments on the page. The object will not be included on the published page. You can quickly show/hide all notes with the ‘Notes’ option in the view menu.

– New feature: Added ‘Keep original position until layer is about to be hidden’ to sticky layer.
– New feature: Added ‘Panel Layer’ option to Layer.

– New feature: Added predefined script for Google Maps.
– New feature: Added alignment (left/center/right) to all text based scripts in Ready-to-use-JavaScripts.
– New feature: Added descriptions to Ready-to-use-JavaScripts.

Web fonts
– New feature: Added support for Google Web Fonts parameters. In Options->HTML->@font-face you can manage the parameters for specific fonts.

– New feature: Added ‘Extact Color’ effect for images. Convert image to grayscale while keeping only specific colors.
– New feature: Added ‘Pastel’ effect for images. Pastel color filter for images.
– New feature: Added ‘Full width’ option (mobile pages only)
– New feature: Added ‘Max width’ option (mobile pages only). Specifies the maximum width if full width is enabled.

– New feature: Added ‘text CSS3 animation’ to Banner object. This makes it possible to animate the individual characters of the Banner object to create cool banners.

– New feature: Added ‘Show Controls’ option. Uncheck this to hide the player controls.
– New feature: Added ‘Fill entire browser window’ option to use the YouTube video as page background.

– New feature: Included (optional) support for jQuery 2.0. This version of jQuery is faster and smaller, but does not support Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8. jQuery 1.11 and 1.7.1 are also still supported.

User defined variables
– New feature: Added ‘User defined variables’ in Site Properties. Variables will be replaced during publishing by the specfified value. Great to quickly update the copyright or other value that regualrly change.

– New feature: Added FaceTime link option. Launch the FaceTime app and initiate a call to the specified user.
– New feature: Added Phone Number link option. Call the specified number.
– New feature: Added SMS link option. Send an SMS.
– New feature: Added Skype link option. Launch the Skype app and initiate a call to the specified user.
– New feature: In mobile pages, internal links will use AJAX by default and support page transitions.

– New feature: Added support for the ‘activate’ event to Carousel, jQuery Tab and jQuery Accordion. This event will be triggered when another page becomes active. This can be useful to show/hide objects, start animations and timers or synchronize with objects.
– New feature: Added support for jQuery mobile events

– Improved: Animations in Rollover Image and Rollover Text are now sorted.
– Improved: Alternative image of the Flash object is now rendered in the workspace.
– Improved: Tabs, Accordion and Carousel now support up to 50 items.

10/15/2014 – Version 10.x.x
– Fixed: Site Search auto complete issues.
– Fixed: Full width layers in combination with centered page are not responsive.






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IP Net Checker

IP Net Checker
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new update Internet Download Manager V 6.20 Build 5



What’s new in version 6.20 Build 5

(Released: Jun 18, 2014)

  • Fixed an erroneous interception of attendant content in Google Docs
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